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We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique products on the market today. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.


Take time out for yourself, relax, unwind, and take care of your skin.

Our Story

Date night has never been this much fun!

Le Noire Sugar was created from my love. My guy decided that since I wasn’t going to get pedicures due to coronavirus that he would create the spa like atmosphere at home. He went in the kitchen and started whipping up the best scrub my feet had ever felt!

Even our daughter loves to have her feet scrubbed by daddy. In return I started to use it on his back, as a thank you, and to get more alone time with him.

We started working with different essential oils, researching what are the best oils for our skin, trying it on our bodies, and were amazed at how much we glowed after our shower, how smooth our skin felt and how we were no longer ashy.